With one foot in the past and an eye to the future, Toronto’s most genial Western swing band aims to honour the legacy of Bob Wills through the spirit of lively performance and quality musicianship. The Double Cuts draw from a timeless repertoire of genre standards, creating original arrangements that satisfy both new listeners and swing aficionados alike. Comprised of 12 musicians from the roots and trad-jazz community, The Double Cuts formed in 2013 under a mutual appreciation of the style and in the interests of education, preservation and performance. In a short time, through regular concerts and an ever-increasing songbook, the band has garnered an enthusiastic audience of young & old, as living testimony to the power of music transcending ages, borders, and backgrounds. The Double Cuts are a smiling variation on an enduring classic because, as the tagline suggests, “it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t Western swing!”

The Double Cuts are:

Jamie Oliver – vocals
Angie Hilts – vocals
Jay Swinnerton – piano/vocals
Raha Javanfar – fiddle
Nathan Smith- fiddle
Alanna Jenish- fiddle
Michael Eckert – pedal steel guitar
Gabe Kong – guitar
Jason Jones- guitar
Bruce Mackinnon- sax
Matt Coldwell – string bass
Kyle Sullivan – drums